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Welcome to Little Angels!

Creative inspiration for the body, mind & spirit

Little Angels is housed in a unique and cozy space, offering visitors an uplifting and peaceful shopping experience.  Stay connected with us on our website and on Facebook to learn about new arrivals, sales, special events and workshops.


We carry a large selection of crystals.  Stones are chosen for the store for very specific reasons.


Energy  Products

Unique and beautifully handcrafted  energy jewelry will enhance your life physically, mentally and spiritually.  Check out our other energy

products as well.


We offer a unique and beautiful collection of angels, which are some of our most popular & beloved gift items. 


Group workshops to inspire, empower & enlighten.

Private Sessions & Services

Private Numerology, 3D Aura Imaging, Earth Acupuncture, Tao Cards, Energy & Healing Sessions 

available by appointment.  

Unique Energy Images

Unique images of nature captured by the camera lens. 

Essential Oils

Delight in a large selection of essential oils. We can help you create your own special essential oil blends - for relaxation, concentration, love

or whatever you desire.

Home Essentials

Our collection of energy clearing "tools" to create balance and tranquility in the home and office.

Inspirational Items

& Gifts

Gifts that will inspire & warm the heart.

Sale Items

Browse weekly to discover what's on sale.  

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One Bellevue Plaza,

Room 2

Upper Montclair  NJ 07043

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